About Refelation Education

Why RFE?


Not only Refelation Education aims to serve as a source of inspiration, but we also dedicate ourselves to the spread of more compassion and hope around the world through education. Named after sources of divine illumination like the sun and the stars, we are adamant to brightening lives through education.

We are all aware of the appalling inequity in our existing world. RFE firmly believes that resources could be managed in more effective ways. One-third of RFE’s profits are devoted to rectifying inequalities and sharing our blessed fulfillments.


Upholding the humanistic value of literature and its importance in creating a better world, Refelation Education aims to provide quality courses in English and world literature that promote intercultural understanding and unite the world.

All course materials are exclusively developed by our Principal Tutor, Ms. Jamie Ku. She always seeks to understand her clients’ learning difficulties and provide them with personal diagnosis based on their recent pieces of writing. She would then custom-made a collection of learning modules to assist her clients reach their learning objectives.


Corporate Structure

Track Record



Former students of Ms. Jamie who were achievers in previous international Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

Adrian Leung (2020)43/45
Abigail Chu (2020)41/45
Anthony Cheung (2018)43/45
Ashley Fan (2018)42/45
Ivan Chan (2018)42/45
Andrew Wong (2018)41/45
Bobby Leung (2018)41/45
Tiffany Yu (2017)44/45
Christopher Ng (2016)40/45
Jasmine Chan (2015)42/45
Michelle Tang(2015)42/45
Michelle Luk(2015)45/45
Sharon Cheng(2014)45/45
Ronald Siu (2014)42/45
Deborah Kwok(2013)44/45
Galex Wong(2013)40/45


“Miss Ku is hands down the best English teacher I’ve ever had in my life. She is very dedicated to her students and makes sure each and everyone of them gets the best of her teaching possible. Without Miss Ku, my English IB journey would not have been easy and surely would not have ended up with a 7. Thank you Miss Ku!”

Ronald Siu, IBDP 42/45

“Challenges within the IBDP English curriculum were made to stretch our creative and analytical skills in the English language. Ms. Ku made this journey especially rewarding as her knowledge and teaching helped simplify the confusion and challenges that came my way, in turn deepening my understanding of the subject.” 

Ashley Fan, IBDP 42/45

“Beyond her wit and wisdom about literature, Jamie instilled in me the courage and character traits that enabled me to realise I deserved to try my best throughout and beyond the IB.”

Tiffany Yu, IBDP 44/45

“Challenges within the IBDP English curriculum were made to stretch our creative and analytical skills in the English language. Ms. Ku made this journey especially rewarding as her knowledge and teaching helped simplify the confusion and challenges that came my way, in turn deepening my understanding of the subject.” 

Anthony Cheung, IBDP 43/45

“She isn’t the traditional teacher who bombards you with facts or English words and hope that you will be able to blindly regurgitate it in exams, but instead she requires students to articulate their opinions or write essays and make mistakes, then have them correct their mistakes before revealing her perspectives (in which we can argue if we don’t agree with it).” 

Bobby Leung, IBDP 41/45


Principal Tutor

Jamie Ku
Bachelor of Arts, HKU (First Class Honors, Dean’s List)
Master of Philosophy, HKU (Scholarship)

Ms. Jamie has been a university lecturer since 2004, specializing in teaching English writing, arts and humanities subjects. She has also been an IBDP English A and Theory of Knowledge educator for 9 years. Every year, she has students earning Level 7 (highest score) in both SL/HL English A: Language & Literature and English A: Literature. Most of her IB students scored an average of 40/45, and some of whom scored 44 and 45. 

Ms. Jamie taught in the Language Centre of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology before, where she received an Outstanding Performance Award by initiating, organizing and teaching the Travel Writing Workshops single-handedly. In the past decade, she has been invited by the Social Work Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong to deliver talks on Appreciation of Movies every term from November 2010 till now. She was also invited by New York Times to deliver talks at their Public Seminar Series on Elements of Argumentation and Diversity and Internationalism of Education Materials in Hong Kong

Being a prolific writer, her English and Chinese publications have appeared in academic journals such as Oxford University Press, as well as magazines and newspapers in Hong Kong and Mainland China. She was also a writer and editor of Online Study Guide on Hong Kong Cinema (HKU). Her travel writing, film critiques, and various forms of creative writing are published in Navigator Magazine, Sparks of Film: Film Art and Culture and Sabayoning the City. Ms. Jamie won the first prize of a writing competition in 2015 with her romantic-philosophical prose “Labyrinth”. In 2017, she held a poetry recitation concert in Hong Kong City Hall with 8-String Brahms guitarist Joseph Ehrenpreis where she recited her anthology of poems inspired by Joseph’s music.   

Ms. Jamie is also a freelance English copywriter and translator for various prestigious brands’ marketing campaigns (e.g. Chow Sang Sang and Lamborghini).

Linna Ku
Executive Director

Linna is mainly responsible for overseeing RFE’s corporate communications through a holistic approach.

With a master degree in Corporate Communication obtained from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Linna has over 19 years of experience in corporate communications, public relations, stakeholder engagement, institutional advancement/fundraising, project management and media liaison.

During her service at the University of Hong Kong as Development Manager, in addition to benefactor cultivation and stewardship, she was responsible for managing integrated communication strategies for the HKU Foundation, with a board of directors comprised of community leaders and renowned philanthropists.

Through her support in rebranding the HKU Foundation at the 20th anniversary, the University engaged a wider network of prospects, donors and partners for their long-term support, and the number of HKU Foundation members increased significantly from 2,200 to 3,200 during her service.

Her appointment as Publicity Manager for the HKSAR Government has won her wider acclaims in the contributions she has made in terms of community engagement campaigns and promotional strategies.