“Life without love, is no life at all.”

Leonardo Da Vinci

When Effie (pseudonym) learnt that IB officially cancelled the May 2020 IBDP examinations due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she broke down and cried.

She did want to sit for her university entrance examinations.

She was worried that IB’s moderation won’t be fair; or, it’s too fair.

She regretted not spending enough effort on her Internal Assessments, and she studied very hard during the school lock down period, prepared to flex her intellectual muscles in the final examinations that were worth 75% of her total grade in most of the subjects she took.

She wasn’t lazy, actually — she got 41/45 in her predicted grade.

To ease her worries, I introduced her to my friend’s pearl farm in Sai Kung to intern as a teacher on sustainable tourism. I know she has always wanted to be a marine biologist since I started teaching her when she was still a Year 8 student, and there’s no better psychotherapy than truly going out and doing something for aquaculture.

Special thanks to David Wong and Hong Kong Pearl Cultivation Association

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