July 2020

Don’t Commit Logical Fallacies Like Trump Does! 

(30th July, Thursday, 12noon-1pm) 

If you would like your arguments to appear (truly) convincing, you cannot commit logical fallacies as frequently as Donald Trump does. What’s wrong with speaking uncritically and how to avoid it? 

Aug 2020

 Creating Rhythmic Patterns in Your Presentations 

(13th August, Thursday, 12noon-1pm) 

Fancy sounding like Barack Obama when you present in front of colleagues and clients? There are several structural devices you can employ in your speeches to create a stronger sense of rhythm and impact that would certainly impress your audience. 

Sep 2020

Polish Your Rhetoric with Hyperbole, Meiosis, and Litotes 

(24th September, Thursday, 5pm-6pm) 

Know nothing about these Greek terms? No worries! These terms look harder than they really are. I will show you how to use these euphemistic figures of speech in your daily conversations. 

Linna Ku
Executive Director

Linna is mainly responsible for overseeing RFE’s corporate communications through a holistic approach.

With a master degree in Corporate Communication obtained from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Linna has over 19 years of experience in corporate communications, public relations, stakeholder engagement, institutional advancement/fundraising, project management and media liaison.

During her service at the University of Hong Kong as Development Manager, in addition to benefactor cultivation and stewardship, she was responsible for managing integrated communication strategies for the HKU Foundation, with a board of directors comprised of community leaders and renowned philanthropists.

Through her support in rebranding the HKU Foundation at the 20th anniversary, the University engaged a wider network of prospects, donors and partners for their long-term support, and the number of HKU Foundation members increased significantly from 2,200 to 3,200 during her service.

Her appointment as Publicity Manager for the HKSAR Government has won her wider acclaims in the contributions she has made in terms of community engagement campaigns and promotional strategies.